Lunch Menu

All sandwiches and wraps include a side of your choosing.Choose from made from scratch Potato Salad, Mom’s Recipe Pasta Salad or Chips (Sea Salt, BBQ or Sour Cream and Chive) (Skip the side? Save $1.50.)

Chicken Crossing

Chicken salad on a croissant with pecans and cran-raisins. Why did the chicken cross the road? For the croissant! It’s bad, I know. But, it makes me smile. $8.00

The Desi

Smokey ham, healthy turkey, swiss cheese, aoli sauce, mustard and of course pickle. Served pressed and hot on hearty bread or as a wrap. Lucy, I’m Home! $8.50

Pig in the Garden

Classic BLT. We use fresh tomatoes from the farmer’s market when possible, healthy mixed greens and salty slabs of bacon. Served on toasted bread with mayo. Want it in a wrap? Ask for a blanket. $7.50
Add cheese for $1.

The Farm

A vegetarian sandwich. We found this gem while in New York. It’s egg salad, healthy greens, some avocado spread, with chipotle sauce and a slice of tomato. Served on soft bread. Want it toasted? Ask for it “crusty”. $7.50

The Sunny Side Sally

Over the top ham and cheese grilled with herbed butter and served with a sunny side up egg on top. Told you it was over the top! You’ll need a knife and fork to help slurp up all that wonderful egg sauce. We’ll even supply them. $8.00

The Dragon

Grilled and diced chicken, roasted red pepper, pepper jack cheese, pickle, avocado spread and spicy sauce wrapped in a tortilla and pressed hot and melty. Go Big Blue! – $9.75

Twisted Sister

Ham, turkey, bacon,swiss cheese, lettuce, roasted red peppers (don’t be afraid), avocado smash and a drizzle of chipotle sauce wrapped in a tortilla. Choose white, spinach and even sometimes garlic wrap. $8.50

Hot Gobbler

This grilled turkey and cheese is simple but delightful. Healthy turkey, gooey cheese and just enough mustard to give it a kick. The turkey doesn’t appreciate it, but you will! Served hot! $7.50

Ferranti’s Club

Ham, turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and bacon served on lightly toasted bread with mayo and mustard. We’ve nixed the middle piece of toast. Originally, the club only had the two pieces of toast. I’m not sure where the third piece came from but fair warning, we’re going commando! $9.00

Cheese Explosion

Grilled cheese sandwich cut into a star just for fun! Kids – $5.75, Adults – $6.75 (double cheese and we’ll still cut it into a star for you.)

PB & Jupiter

Peanut Butter and jelly sandwich cut round like the planet with stars on the plate. $5.75

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